VHDL and Verilog for Visual Studio

Recommended V³S Download: V1.10.0

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Download as Extension

If you use the free   Visual Studio Community Edition, or have at least a Professional license of Visual Studio, you can download V³S as an extension/plug-in. Alternatively, under "Tools→Extensions and Updates", you can install V³S directly - simply search for "vhdl" in the "Online"-tab.

Download as Standalone Version

If the free   Visual Studio Community Edition is not an option for you, and you do not have a licensed version of Visual Studio, the standalone version is what you need. However, you need to install the "Visual Studio 2013 Redistributable" first. You can download it for free right away.

» Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Redistributable package [188MB]  This package is a prerequisite for the Standalone Edition of V³S to run on your computer. At least Windows 7 with SP1 must be installed. The package can be downloaded for free from Microsoft, but a registration might be required.  

History of Downloads

Version Date File Download
 V³S for VS2010Download...
 V³S for VS2012Download...
 V³S for VS2013, VS2013 CommunityDownload...
 V³S for VS2015, VS2015 CommunityDownload...
 V³S for VS2017, VS2017 CommunityDownload...
 V3S StandaloneDownload...
 Release NotesDownload...
V1.9.12016-08-14n/aNot available any more.
V1.9.02016-08-06n/aNot available any more.
V1.8.22016-07-02n/aNot available any more.
V1.8.12016-03-19n/aNot available any more.
V1.8.02015-11-14n/aNot available any more.
V1.7.12015-07-19n/aNot available any more.
V1.7.02015-06-28n/aNot available any more.
V1.6.02015-01-15n/aNot available any more.
V1.5.12014-09-13n/aNot available any more.
V1.5.02014-08-08n/aNot available any more.
V1.4.22014-05-30n/aNot available any more.
V1.4.12014-03-27n/aNot available any more.
V1.4.02014-02-13n/aNot available any more.
V1.3.0 Beta2013-11-23n/aNot available any more.
V0.9.2 Beta2013-07-21n/aNot available any more.
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