VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog for Visual Studio

Overview Video

This short video introduces V3S to you in a most concise way. In a couple of minutes you will get a good overview to the features that V3S offers to you. By implementing a test design the video demonstrates how efficiently you will be working with V3S. Using code snippets, renaming, Goto Definition, Find All References, Library/Hierarchy Views, creating Testbenches, and many others features will surely guarantee you a major boost in coding efficiency and comfortability.

Tutorial Video

New Project Wizard, Solution Explorer & Property Window, Navigation Bars, Quickinfo/Tooltip, Goto Definition/Code Navigation, Code Folding/Outlining, Tuple/Brace Highlighting, Expression Evaluator, Code Snippets (synchronous process, case statement, component instances), Code Completion/Autocomplete, Syntax/Semantic Error Checking, Number Conversion, Syntax/Semantic Highlighting, Record Resolution, Smart Indentation, Block Selection.

The Coolest Features of V3S

Shortly introduces some of the coolest features of V3S: Colorization, Record Resolution, Snippets, Code Navigation, Create Testbench, QuickSearch, Find all References, ...

Non-Obvious Features of V3S

Number conversion, expression evaluation, quicksearch, testbench, hierarchy/library views, smart indentation (temporary disable), code metrics, naming checks
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