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HDL Designer Survey

This survey focuses on how engineers are handling HDL design. I am interested in the tools and languages that are used throughout the complex process of HDL design. Which IDE is most often used? Which code editor is preferred by HDL designers? Please take a few minutes to complete the survey, the results might be interesing for you as well.
1. Where are you from?

2. On which "level" do you perform HDL design?

3. Which operating system do you use (for HDL design)?

4. Which HDL language(s) do you mostly use?

5. Which "technology" are you mostly targetting?

6. Which design suite are you (mostly) using?

7. Which code editor for HDL files do you use?

8. Are you satisfied with the functions/comfort of your favorite code editor?

9. [Optional]  Which features are you missing most in V3S?
10. [Optional]  Did you encounter bugs or badly implemented features? What would you like to be improved?
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