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This page gives a concise overview to all the features of V³S. Please also consider to take a look at the   documentation for any detailed questions you might have regarding one of the features. I also want to highlight the   Cheat-Sheet I assembled: It provides a complete list of features, settings, and generally useful information regarding Visual Studio in general, and V³S in particular.

Verilog support is still limited (refer to   Cheat-Sheet for a list of features). It will be enhanced and extended continuously.

Coding Support

  • Refactorization/Renaming (signals, variables, functions, etc.) across the entire project
  • Create Testbench Wizard creates VHDL testbenches including top-level files and Modelsim scripts
  • Find all references of symbols throughout the entire project
  • Syntax highlighting (keywords, strings, characters, numbers, bitstrings, etc.): VHDL 2008
  • Semantic highlighting (signals, ports, variables, types, functions, hierarchy/libraries, etc.)
  • Hierarchy-View shows your design in a hierarchical manner
  • Library-View shows your project organized with respect to the defined libaries
  • Type-time naming conventions check
  • Type-time error checking and highlighting
  • Context sensitive code completion/autocomplete/intellisense support
  • Smart indentation
  • Smart indentation for copy/paste
  • Tooltips/Quickinfo for all kinds of identifiers, all including their location of declaration:
    • Signals: Type, default value, range
    • Types: Full declaration, recursive type resolving
    • Constants/Generics: Type, value
    • Ports: Type, default value, range, attributes (input, output, buffer, etc.)
    • Enumeration items: Parent type, full type declaration
    • Numbers/Bitstrings/etc: Conversion to hex/decimal/binary
    • ...
  • Number conversion: hex/decimal/binary/etc.
  • Expression Evaluator (for contants/default values)
  • Commenting/Uncommenting selection
  • Code Snippets for...
    • Architectures/Entites
    • Components
    • Functions/Procedures
    • Instances
    • Packages (Head + Body)
    • Synchronous/Asynchronous Processes
    • Case Statement (case ... when)
    • ...
  • Code folding/Outlining: Entities, Architectures, Processes, Functions, Procedures, Packages, Instances, Components, Loops, Generate-Blocks, Blocks, ...
  • All default Visual Studio Code Editing features: Block selection, line duplication, line movement, split screen editing, full screen view, search+replace...

Navigation Support

  • Find all references of symbols throughout the entire project
  • Quicksearch dialog for quickly searching for project files and globally defined symbols (entites, packages, etc)
  • Code folding/Outlining: Entities, Architectures, Processes, Functions, Procedures, Packages, Instances, Components, Loops, Generate-Blocks, Blocks
  • Navigation Bars support (design units one the one hand, subentities (process, functions, etc.) on the other hand)
  • Tuple highlighting: Matching braces, if-then-elsif-else-end, process-begin-end, case-when-end, etc.
  • Goto Declaration for all identifiers where applicable (e.g., components, packages, etc.)
  • Goto Definition for all identifiers of all types (signals, components, types, enums, constants, etc.)
  • All default Visual Studio Navigation features: Navigate forward, navigate backward, find, find in files, etc.
  • Separate V3S main menu entry for quick access to most important features

Project Setup

  • Sophisticated New Project Wizard
    • Import from existing Quartus Project
    • Import from existing Xilinx Project (xise, xpr)
    • Import from File System
    • Empty Project
    • Sample Project
    • Hello-World Project
  • Virtual Folders (for additional structure of files outside project directory)
  • Linked Folders (Link entire folders to your project)
  • Linked Files
  • Preferences per file (Content type, notification level, parsing options, etc.)
  • Code Statistics per file
  • Add new items: VHDL Library file, VHDL Design Unit file


  • Editable colors for syntax/semantic highlighting
  • Configurable naming rules for repective type-time checks
  • Configurable notification levels for all code checks
  • Configurable settings for code formatting (indenting, newlines, etc.)
  • License setup/information
  • Syntax coloring presets (puristic, normal, colorful, dark theme)
  • Version information, Online update check
  • All Visual Studio Preferences affecting code editing and Visual Studio appearance and behavior


  • Recommended Extensions which work fine in combination with V³S:
    • Productivity Power Tools (Microsoft, free)
    • Highlight all occurrences of selected word (Microsoft, free)
  • All features Visual Studio offers in addition to editing code files (CVS/SVN/GIT support, etc.)
  • Offline license files (no internet connection required)
  • Up to four workstations per license

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