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How to Access

Default Shortcut: Tab
Action triggered by shortcut


When in snippet insertion mode, use TAB to move to the next field (and probably show the suggestions list).


Upon inserting a (non-trivial) code snippet, Visual Studio enters snippet-editing mode. This mode is almost seamless, so you might not even notice it. However, for some snippets it provides some important functionality.

  • With Tab you move to the next snippet field. Depending on the snippet, there might be multiple fields. Fields are highlighted using a slightly different background. See also the image below.
  • With Shift+Tab you move to the previous snippet field.
  • With Enter you confirm the current values and apply the snippet to the code.

Snippet Editing Mode

In the image above, there are three dynamic fields:
  • my_process_sp: Field for the label of the process
  • clk_i: Field (currently active) for the clock signal to use in the synchronous process. Notice that V3S displays a list of possible candidates. One can also enter any other signal-name.
  • rst_i: Field for the reset signal of the synchronous process. If the field is activated (by pressing Tab), a similar list for possible reset signals is shown.
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