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How to Access

Mouse-hover in code-editor window


Simple constant expressions are automatically evaluated and the result is displayed in the tooltip. Selected expressions are evaluated as well. Also simple string expressions can be resolved.


Upon hovering the mouse over identifiers, a QuickInfo window is shown with the most important information for the respective symbol. If this symbol has an associated constant (default-) value, V3S tries to resolve this value and evaluate it for your convenience. Notice that expression evaluation works for constant values only. V3S is not capable of evaluating functions.

Furthermore, you can select a (numeric) expression (or some part of it) and use the expression evaluator to get the respective numeric value for this selection.

For example, consider the following code:

Example Code

When hovering the mouse over AREA_C, a tooltip as shown in the next picture is displayed. Notice that V3S has evaluated the value of the constant and displays it as comment on the right. Notice that the other constants don't need to be defined in the same file or library (e.g., MATH_PI) - V3S finds them in the entire project space.

Tooltip with evaluated expression

Likewise, if some text is selected, only this selection will be evaluated. This behavior is illustrated in the following image:

Tooltip with partially selected expression

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