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How to Access

Action triggered by shortcut
Code-editor (right-click) context menu


Can be deactivated temporarily with Shift and permanently in   Preferences. Automatically sets the indent of pasted code according to formatting rules.


If you copy-paste source code, V3S automatically formats the pasted source code for you. Upon pasting, V3S performs the following steps:

  • Replace all tabs with spaces (if configured to use spaces instead of tabs)
  • Replace all unix newlines with windows newlines
  • Perform smart indentation according to your configuration
  • It does not insert any linebreaks or rearrange keywords (e.g., to move keywords to new lines)

To activate/deactivate this feature, navigate to Preferences|Common|Basics|Integration.

When activated, you can also deactivate this feature temporarily by pressing Shift. While Shift is pressed, Smart Pasting will not be performed.

There are four ways to copy-paste code:

  1. Shortcuts Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V
  2. Shortcuts Ctrl+Ins and Shift+Ins
  3. Right-Click menu in the source-code window
  4. Menu entries in the main menu under Edit
Because V3S deactivates the Smart Pasting feature when Shift is pressed, you can simply use the alterative shortcuts of (2) rather than (1). Alternatively, you can use the default shortcuts and hold Shift as well. When invoking the paste operation with the mouse, holding Shift also disables the Smart Pasting feature. For more information (regarding detailed settings and deactivation) please refer to   Smart Indentation.
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