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How to Access

Default Shortcut: Ctrl+J
Action triggered by shortcut
V3S main menu


Shows a list of all defined items (also refer to   Code Completion).


This command is basically the same as the Code-Completion feature. After pressing the respective shortcut, V3S assembles a list of currently valid symbols. The number of symbols shown depends on your current settings (e.g., whether keywords shall be included) and the current scope and location of the cursor (e.g., only types are shown for declaring a new signal). The results are filtered by the charactes you already typed so far. The image shows an example.

Notice that the list will be filtered depending on the characters already typed (and the current scope/context). Filtering is case-insensitive, and it is sufficient for the symbol to contain the already typed string (rather than actually start with it).

Code Completion with Tooltip

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