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How to Access

Default Shortcut: Ctrl+Space
Action triggered by shortcut
Automatic action depending on context (eg, cursor position, settings, window focus, etc.)


Context sensitive code completion (for defined signals, types, entites, etc.).


Code Completion is one of the central features of any modern IDE. It enables you to efficiently write code without typing everything yourself. As V3S analyzes your design, it is well aware of all defined symbols (signals, functions, packages, etc.) and offers you choices while you enter code. The following features are supported by Code Completion:
  • (Optional) Complete keywords
  • (Optional) Complete enumerations and characters from the standard libraries
  • (Optional) Complete operator definitions
  • Complete symbols (signals, constants, variables, custom enums, etc.)
  • Complete/Resolve records
  • Complete/Resolve protected types
  • Complete/Resolve design hierarchies

Preferences Dialog

In the image above you can see the settings related to Code Completion. They are located in V3S|Preferences...|Common|Basics. Here you can switch on or off the options items of the above list.

For record, protected type and hierarchy resolution, the dot . character triggers the expansion of the code completion list. You can then comfortably select an entry from the displayed list. While you are typing further characters, the list is continuously filtered - thus showing only possible matches based on what you have already typed. Remark: Filtering is case-insensitive, and it is sufficient that the result contains the string (it does not need to start with it). Furthermore, an additional tooltip containing some detailed information about the item is shown for each entry in the list (if selected or hovered over with the mouse). An example of the code completion is shown in the image below. V3S also remembers your last choice and pre-selects it the next time the code completion list is shown.

Code Completion with Tooltip

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