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Automatic action depending on context (eg, cursor position, settings, window focus, etc.)


Code highlighting according to VHDL 2008 syntax: Keywords, symbols, strings, identifiers, etc.


Syntax coloring is one of the major strengths of V3S. For VHDL, there are very sophisticated options for syntax coloring. Let us first take a look at the V3S syntax coloring preferences window which can be found at V3S|Preferences...|Common|Code Coloring.
  • There is a separate color dialog for VHDL and Verilog/SystemVerilog, respectively.
  • The colors can also be modified in Tools|Options...|Environment|Fonts and Colors (see below for a screenshot). The items are prefixed with V3S for fast reference
  • You can change the colors in either of the two dialogs - however, the V3S Code Coloring is much nicer.
  • V3S supports 25 different types of tokens that can be colorized for VHDL alone. It's even more for SystemVerilog. Please refer to the preferences dialog for details.
  • As V3S understands your code, it can differentiate between various kinds of symbols: Types vs. Signals vs. Variables vs. Constants vs. Generics ...
  • In the preferences dialog you get a code preview where the currently selected colorize-items are highlighted. This way you can easily check what each item means
  • Don't forget to hit the Apply button when you are ready to use your new settings.
V3S Code Coloring Dialog

You can select of a predefined list of presets. Just select one, the preview area
is automatically updated. Notice that there is a preset for the dark theme. However, it is not applied automatically when the dark theme is enabled. You have to apply it manually.
This is a list of all items (i.e., VHDL/Verilog/SystemVerilog language tokens) that can be colorized. V3S understands your code and can distinguish a huge variety of tokens. If you select an item, you can change its attributes at the right side of the area. In the preview area
the tokens matching your current selection are highlighted with a red rectangle. Use this aid as help to find out what exactly each entry means.
The preview area shows some example code for either VHDL or SystemVerilog (depending on the dropdown list above the area). It shows the code colorized according to your current settings (preset, etc). If further highlights the currently selected colorize-item with a red rectangle for easy reference.

Default Visual Studio Dialog

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