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How to Access

Default Shortcut: Shift+F12
Action triggered by shortcut
V3S main menu
Code-editor (right-click) context menu


Finds all references of a given identifier in the entire project.


  • Find All References looks in the entire project
  • Entites, their respective components and instances thereof are considered as references of the respective entity
  • Subroutines return references of all overloaded subroutines as well
  • Subroutines return references of both their head (declaration) and body (definition)
  • Files that contain syntax errors might not produce valid results

V3S Find Symbols Toolwindow

Whenenver you invoke the Find All References command, a special toolwindow (as shown in the image) opens. You can dock/undock this toolwindow the same way as with default Visual Studio toolwindows.
The results area shows a list of found references. The first column lists the full path of the respective file, the second column lists the location of the found reference within this file (line:column), and the third column shows shows the respective source code located at the references line as preview. You can double-click (or press [Enter]) an entry to immediately jump to the respective location.
The information and status area shows, as in this example, warnings or information. In the displayed case a file has syntax errors, and V3S warns you that the results might thus not be adequate.
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